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Top 7 Free Online Tools for PhD Thesis Writing

Top Free Online Tools for PhD Thesis Writing

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Writing a Ph.D. thesis? Don’t know how to write a Ph.D. thesis? Do not fret! Here are 7 free online tools to help you with your PhD thesis writing. If you are a research scholar currently dealing with a tough Ph.D. thesis, then you have come to the right place. In this article, iLovePhD has compiled a list of the top 7 free online tools to streamline your PhD thesis work.

  • Some scholars may find it difficult to decide which tool to use, especially considering the abundance of available online alternatives and their capability to perform various tasks.
  • Each online tool has its own advantages and limitations.
  • Some tools are completely free, while others are free trials of software that cost money.
  • Some only carry out the bare minimum of tasks, while others possess highly unique skills that enable them to do much more with the data.

Free Online Tools for PhD Thesis

1. Grammarly

  • Grammarly is a free online grammar and text editing tool that can greatly help users enhance and improve their writing.
  • Along with assisting you with maintaining your word count, Grammarly can help you improve your writing abilities and grammar.
  • The “My Grammarly” section on the homepage of the tool allows the user to create or upload a document.
  • Grammarly offers numerous alternatives for you to modify your text while also helping you save time and effort. 


  • When it comes to actual text editing and counting, the word count is the go-to free online tool. 
  • Using an online word counter tool is a straightforward solution for students and teachers. 
Word Counter
  • The word counter is a straightforward and user-friendly online tool that displays the appropriate word count for the text entered into the writing area. 
  • The free online word counter tool can access various text statistics that greatly help the user, including word density and other crucial data like all words, words with and without spaces, words, sentences, pages, etc.
  • It assists in avoiding repetition in one word and ensures that your words are consistent with one another.
  • The number of rewrites and cuts may also be decreased, thus saving time and effort.

3. Quillbot’s Citation Generator

  • Quillbot’s Citation Generator is a fast, reliable way to make citations for your essays, presentations, and other projects.
  • We can create APA, MLA, and Chicago-style full and in-text citations in a snap. 
  • Quillbot is one of the top writing tools on the internet that serves the best of multiple integrated tools to the user. 
  • Any user can easily use the free citation generator of Quill Bot to automatically and even manually create citations within just a few seconds, with hundreds of different citation styles to choose from.  

Website link: Quillbot’s Citation Generator


4. MindMup

  • Mindmup is a limited free online mind map creator tool designed by Sauf Pompiers Ltd that enables to the creation of graphic, digital mind maps. 
  • We can create, collaborate, and share mind maps in the cloud based on an open source mind map editor, with a simple and open data format.” 
mind map

5. Text Readability Calculator Tool

  • This free online tool can easily assess your text’s comprehensibility and readability, which are the most important factors to consider while writing any type of content. 

6. Plagiarism Checker free online Tool for PhD Thesis

  • A plagiarism checker tool is an online tool that helps any user performs a deep web search to see if the written content matches any other similar content on the web. 
  • With a plagiarism checker at your disposal, you can now confirm the accuracy of the data you are about to publish.
  • Any content that is to be published, it must be cross-checked with the plagiarism checker to see if it is the original content. 

7. Similarly Checker

  • Finally, the similarity checker can help you determine whether the current piece of writing is a repeat of earlier work.
  • The Similarity Checker can compare two different types of content side by side to see if they match in any way. 
  • It is done so you can always create fresh content and avoid repeatedly writing the same type of text.
  • The similarity checker examines every section of the provided document and identifies and highlights any content that matches in seconds. 
  • Using this tool, you can quickly check for repetition by comparing current assignments with similar ones and other relevant work. 

As it is said before, getting a Ph.D. degree is not an easy one. So, to make it convenient and easy for scholars, iLovePhD has compiled a list of 7 free online tools that can greatly reduce the stress of writing a Ph.D. thesis. 

Using the right tools can improve your productivity, enhance your content, and overcome any challenges you may face.

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