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Prime Minister’s Fellowship for Doctoral Research

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The Prime Minister’s Fellowship Scheme is a game-changing initiative for aspiring research scholars in India. It’s a joint venture between the government and industry to promote research, innovation, and leadership.

Prime Minister’s Fellowship for Doctoral Research

  • Under the scheme, scholars can receive scholarships of up to Rs 8.7 lakh per annum. This translates to a monthly stipend ranging from Rs 55,000 to Rs 72,800 based on HRA. The financial support makes it an attractive option for doctoral research.

Prime Minister's Fellowship for Doctoral Research
Prime Minister’s Fellowship for Doctoral Research

    Four Years of Support

  • Each scholarship is granted for a maximum of four years, offering long-term support for research. The funding is shared equally between the government and the partner company, ensuring sustainability.

    Wide Scope of Research

  • The Prime Minister’s Fellowship covers a wide array of fields, including Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Medicine. This diverse scope caters to a broad range of research interests.

    Key Features of Prime Minister’s Fellowship

  • The fellowship offers more than just financial aid; it provides a unique and enriching experience.

  • It focuses on offering scholars exposure to the best national and international practices and innovations. Regular mentorship sessions with industry and academic experts, as well as external agencies, enhance the learning experience.

    Eligibility and Selection Criteria

  • Eligible applicants are full-time PhD scholars in recognized Indian institutions with a registration date of up to 14 months.
They should have an industry partner ready to support the research project both financially and as a mentor. The research topic should be innovative, have practical relevance, and offer industrial applications.
  • Scholars should be open to collaborating with the supporting company during the project.

    How to Apply

  • Scholars applying for the fellowship should:
    1. Register on the dedicated portal, either or
    2. Complete the application form according to the provided guidelines.
    3. Submit the application online.
  • Establish a partnership with a company, ensuring that: 4. Both the company and the host institute sign the required undertakings.
  • Prepare all necessary documents, making sure to: 5. Collect them.
    1. Create digital copies for submission.
  • Fill out the online application form. 7. Note that there’s no need to send any physical copies to CII.

Prime Minister’s Fellowship – The Impact So Far

  • Since its inception in 2013, the scheme has already awarded 104 fellowships, making a significant impact on research in India.

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