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Top 100 Journal Publications in the World 2023

Highest impact factor journals in the world

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The top scientific journals are a reliable source of information on the latest developments in engineering, science, and technology. The editors and peer-reviewers of the journal ensure that the published articles are original, accurate, and reliable. Every research scholar, academician, and scientist aspires to publish their research findings in the top journal publishers namely Science Magazine, Nature, The New England Journal of Medicine, and Physical Review Letters. In this article, iLovePhD compiled the most influential journals in the world related to medical, engineering, and natural sciences.

List of Top 100 Journals Google Scholar Ranking

Google Scholar is a widely used platform for academic research and citation analysis. It provides a ranking system that measures the impact and influence of scholarly journals based on the number of citations received by their articles. The following list represents the top 100 journals based on the Google Scholar ranking:

The top 100 most influential and prestigious academic and scholarly journals in 2023 according to Google Scholar Rank are as follows.

  1. Nature
  2. The New England Journal of Medicine
  3. Science
  4. IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
  5. The Lancet
  6. Advanced Materials
  7. Nature Communications
  8. Cell
  9. International Conference on Learning Representations
  10. Neural Information Processing Systems
  11. JAMA
  12. Chemical Reviews
  13. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  14. Angewandte Chemie
  15. Chemical Society Reviews
  16. Journal of the American Chemical Society
  17. IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision
  18. Nucleic Acids Research
  19. International Conference on Machine Learning
  20. Nature Medicine
  21. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
  22. Science of The Total Environment
  23. Advanced Energy Materials
  24. Journal of Clinical Oncology
  25. ACS Nano
  26. Journal of Cleaner Production
  27. Advanced Functional Materials
  28. Physical Review Letters
  29. Scientific Reports
  30. The Lancet Oncology
  31. Energy & Environmental Science
  32. IEEE Access
  33. PLoS ONE
  34. Science Advances
  35. Journal of the American College of Cardiology
  36. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental
  37. Nature Genetics
  38. BMJ
  39. Circulation
  40. European Conference on Computer Vision
  41. International Journal of Molecular Sciences
  42. Nature Materials
  43. Chemical Engineering Journal
  44. AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence
  45. Journal of Materials Chemistry A
  46. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
  47. Nature Biotechnology
  48. The Lancet Infectious Diseases
  49. Frontiers in Immunology
  50. Applied Energy
  51. Nano Energy
  52. Nature Energy
  53. Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL)
  54. The Astrophysical Journal
  55. Gastroenterology
  56. Nature Methods
  57. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
  58. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
  59. Blood
  60. Neuron
  61. Nano Letters
  62. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
  63. European Heart Journal
  64. Nature Nanotechnology
  65. ACS Catalysis
  66. Nature Neuroscience
  67. American Economic Review
  68. Journal of High Energy Physics
  69. IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials
  70. Annals of Oncology
  71. Nutrients
  72. Accounts of Chemical Research
  73. Immunity
  74. Environmental Science & Technology
  75. Nature Reviews. Molecular Cell Biology
  76. Gut
  77. Physical Review D
  78. ACS Energy Letters
  79. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
  80. Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP)
  81. Clinical Infectious Diseases
  82. Cell Metabolism
  83. Nature Reviews Immunology
  84. Joule
  85. Nature Photonics
  86. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
  87. Environmental Pollution
  88. Computers in Human Behavior
  89. Frontiers in Microbiology
  90. Nature Physics
  91. Small
  92. Cell Reports
  93. Molecular Cell
  94. Clinical Cancer Research
  95. Bioresource Technology
  96. Journal of Business Research
  97. Molecular Cancer
  98. Sensors
  99. Nature Climate Change
  100. IEEE Internet of Things Journal

Source: Google Scholar

I hope this article will help you to find the Top 100 journals related to medical, engineering, and natural sciences in the World.

highest impact factor journal
highest impact Factor journal

Copyright Infringement Disclaimer:

The above list consists of the top 100 journals based on the Google Scholar ranking. These rankings are determined by the number of citations received by articles published in these journals. The list includes renowned publications such as Nature, The New England Journal of Medicine, and Science, which cover a wide range of scientific disciplines. It also includes conferences and specific fields of study, such as computer vision, machine learning, and chemistry. While efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the rankings, users are encouraged to verify the information independently, as the rankings may change over time. The provided copyright infringement disclaimer clarifies that the list is for informational purposes only and does not claim ownership or authorship of the mentioned journals. It also highlights that the use of the list is at the user’s own risk, and is not liable for any errors or damages arising from its use.

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  1. Hi, about 1 year ago I did a journal ranking of PubMed journals for 2020 (all of them by month). This was based on total articles. Now that Medline is scripted I was thinking of doing a 2021 ranking but with a medline percent added. Its another way to look at medical journals. Its doable because PubMed owns the field and it would be difficult to do another topic mapping (WOS, Scopus, etc.) Its also interesting to see the differences between those in my ranking and this list. I think looking at both help give the full picture. However, using the journal name without the ID is problematic for many reasons. Is it possible to add the journal ID? I also, recently pulled out 1.8 million lines of text from PubMed abstracts to see what the top sources were for Systematic Reviews. Would like to see some articles breaking out data like this because not many (anyone) is doing it.


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